As the name might suggest, our menu features 8 eclectic cocktails,  made up of both classic tipples and exciting in-house creations, expertly made using a handpicked selection of quality local, national and international spirits.

Try one of our cocktail specials, an ever-changing weekly offering created by our innovative bar team. A selection of Manchester’s finest produce will be showcased within the venue, as well as other exciting collaborations, such as with the London based craft producer ‘Sacred Spirits’ and a quality selection of fine beers from the UK and beyond, as well as a refreshing selection of alcohol free mocktails.


Oxford Road
M1 7ED


Tues-Sun 12pm - 11pm


Please note our cocktail menu changes but see below for a sample. All cocktails are £7.50

The Shaky Pete
A stimulating combination of Sacred gin, homemade ginger syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice - blended together with crushed ice, topped with craft ale and served up in a tankard. Lovely stuff!

  The Salford Daiquiri
A Manchester twist on a classic: a zesty mix of freshly muddled lemons, honey syrup and a large helping of small-batch distilled Salford Rum – shaken, double strained and garnished with a scattering of house grown lemon balm.

 Rosehip Spritz
The Rosehip Spritz: combining the irresistible summer flavours of Sacred Rosehip Cup, lengthened with prosecco and a dash of soda water, served over ice with wedges of freshly sliced orange.

The Rhubarb Triangle
(Visiting from the wrong side of the Pennines) a coming together of aromatic rhubarb gin, rich raspberry liqueur and fresh lemon juice – shaken to perfection with a dash of egg white (optional) and garnished with edible flowers.

English Whiskey Iced Tea
Tall and refreshing; a combination of English Sacred Whiskey Liqueur, home brewed iced tea and freshly made peach puree – shaken vigorously and served long over plenty of ice.

 The Tommy’s Mango Margherita
The classic mix of tequila, Cointreau, agave syrup and freshly muddled lime are then married together with smooth mango puree and served over ice. Chilli salt or no chilli salt? That is the question…

The Floradora
A cocktail with serious history: 100 years in the making and still going strong. A delightful blend of Sacred Gin, fresh raspberry puree, zesty lime juice and angostura bitters; all brought together with Fentimans’ dry ginger ale.

 The Espresso Martini
How could we forget? Sacred Vodka gloriously combined with Kahlua coffee liqueur and freshly brewed espresso; hard shaken, double strained and served with an unmistakable foamy top. Perfection!



We are located in Hatch on Oxford Road, Central Manchester - a short 5 minute walk from Manchester Oxford Road Train Station.

The full address is Hatch, Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7ED

If you have any questions please get in contact with us via the form below